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We derive our name from the Greek story of Pandora, who Zeus gave a boon to be all fulfilled and gifted. With Pandora hospitality we aim to bring the literal meaning of the word to our guests. We try to make their experiences as fulfilled as possible to make them feel that every moment they spend with us are gifted. And all our gifts (our resources and people) are also at services to prioritize the needs of our partner.

Pandora takes pride in being gifted with extraordinary people that are skilled in both infrastructure (design) and gourmet cooking. The luxurious designs that radiate in every destination while keeping the environmental integrity intact is the trademark of Pandora Hospitality. We make sure that our guests not only enjoy a stay that is palatial but also feel the richness in every bite of food and in every sip of a drink. At Pandora, we’re all about preserving culture and history while creating moments that can become your legacy in the talks of guests. And that is why Pandora doesn’t just serve people, we curate services that make an impression.

How Pandora Curates?

Pandora hospitality is all about culturism and regional authenticity. Which makes all our resorts and hotels literally exotic and distinct from each other. Our gifted team of culturists are adept at taking extra steps while they’re restlessly scouring every little nook and street of the locale in which our hotels and resorts are located. We ensure that in all the services we provide, we immerse the regional culture and heritage which gives the guests a chance to be explorers in their own sense. We understand the urge of escapism in the people that want to go beyond the regular travel and seek routine and want to explore something that is not a part of their regular lives. So under the Pandora Curates program, we create experiences that let guests delve into regional heritage, learn about cultures and learn new skills that make their stay a lifelong memory.

Why Pandora?

At Pandora we’ve learned that expertise comes from experience and our Executive Team at Pandora brings together 2+ decades of experience in hospitality marketing, hotel and resort operations, and brand positioning to give our partners and clients a long lasting success that speaks for itself.

What we do at Pandora differentiates us from the managerial crowd. We are always trying to come up with encouragement for the clients to go the extra mile and have an entrepreneurial approach. By bringing creative thinking to the group, we enable clients to make decisions in accordance with the changing landscapes which helps a great property turn into a successful enterprise empowered by proactiveness and longevity.

Our Business Model


The Pandora vision dictates that we shall be the future leaders of providing the best in class hospitality to our guests, while also providing the best of management experience for our associates and clients. Currently, we work on two basic modules-

Management Contract

We place the brand of “Pandora”, based on goodwill and performance metrics, we take properties under a management contract. The management contract will cover essential factors of property success. We oversee ground up development over land, redevelopment or renovation of existing assets, repositioning of underperforming properties, rebranding of existing hotels and outlets that are operational. On the owner’s behalf we take over branding, marketing and management of properties that can be used as luxury resorts and hotels.

Leasing and Revenue Sharing

We aim to acquire premium hotels, luxury resorts and service apartments on a rental basis while sharing revenue with the leasing party. Within this first module we select properties that go hand-in-hand with our needs that take into consideration commercial value, technical perfection of the property, geographical location, etc. While the leased property is managed by Pandora Hospitality, we also introduce some of our own food and beverage brands to the guests checking-in.

How Pandora Works?

Pandora customizes its services in accordance to the property ranging from hotels, resorts, service apartments. The aim behind every customization is to boost financial returns from everyday operations. Pandora’s aim always remains to maximize returns while minimizing expenses. With our methods, we are always monitoring the key performance metrics of every property we acquire,

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Revenue Management
  • Quality Control
  • Internet Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement
  • Food & Beverages
  • Productivity Management

Pandora’s Approach


Pandora’s cohesive approach for business development incorporates a unique set of processes and control systems to centralize the management of every property. We aim to raise the bar of hospitality standards with exceptional advice, innovative solutions, and round the clock management to provide peace of mind to both the guests and our associates.

Vision & Mission


Pandora Hotels aims for unparalleled leadership in the hospitality sector through its prowess in understanding guests and their desires. Displaying care, respect, warmth, and concern are what make us stand proud and unique. Our values make up of exceptional service, integrity, respect, teamwork and passion, and a continuous effort to improve. We ensure to use user-friendly technology so that everyone can have access to necessary information without facing barriers. Creating a diverse workforce with the welcome of different cultures is what Pandora Hotels is all about!

Mission – Committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our guests through unremitting dedication to perfection, in every aspect of service.

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