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Why Pandora?

With Pandora hospitality we aim to bring the literal meaning of the world to our guests. We try to make their experiences as fulfilled as possible to make them feel that every moment they spend with us are gifted. And all our gifts ( our resources and people) are also at services to prioritise the need of our partner.

The Brand “Pandora” will give customers an innovative experience. The modern hotel industry is about much more than just providing accommodations and room service. You need to provide an overall innovative experience to your guests by identifying their needs and expectations. The young travellers who usually spend less time inside the hotel can be attracted by other activities. Live concerts, poolside fun, fitness classes, spas, and special culinary experiences are all on the list. All good qualities which individual look upon a leisure hotel.



Pandora Hospitality offers a comprehensive pre-opening service for hotels, that includes a great understanding of the investment proposition, followed by the development of a business plan for the proposed hotel. Pandora Hospitality offers the advantage of an excellent management track record and pioneering industry leadership. We are a leading hotel management company in India with some of the best-known industry peers as partners. These are some of the advantages you will have when you partner with us:

Strong Management Focus:
We offer established policies and procedures from the top management downwards. Our teams are skilled and highly motivated.

Strong Sales and Marketing:
We have extensive reach and penetration and growing.

Focus On Guest Needs & Feedback:
We have a high level of guest satisfaction, consistently.

Proven Ability:
We provide technical and pre-opening services, and the operations of highly successful hotels with the ability to quick to changing market trends.

A strong commercial focus:
on bottom-line delivery & personalized attention to clients.

Loyalty Programmes:
We are developing and customizing guest loyalty and membership program.

Hotel Management & Operations


We operate, manage and supervise the entire operations of the hotels on daily basis. Our team is a fleet of qualified and experienced professionals. These services include:

Pre-opening Services

  • Hotel’s Feasibility Analysis.
  • In-depth study of the market.
  • Project Planning and Implementation Scheduling.
  • Technical Assistance.
  • Architect Brief.
  • Interior Design Brief.
  • Service & Kitchen Briefs.
  • Vendor Selection and Negotiations.

Post-Opening Services

  • Run and operate hotels with their classified standard. Managing the operations.
  • Preparation of cost and budget.
  • Review the hotel’s performance with its stakeholders on regular basis.
  • Quarterly Service / System Audits
  • Restaurant Design and Implementation
  • Centralized Reservation

Sales, Marketing & Distribution


A powerful and innovative sales and marketing strategy, supported by the efficient implementation, is a defining factor of a hotel’s success. One size does not fit all, one strategy certainly does not help all. Our team is fluent in customizing strategies for each individual unit. Every unit is positioned in an optimal way on the local, regional and international scale. We emphasize clear, effective and conversion-oriented communication. We only pursue alliances that increase sales while maintaining the right brand perceptions.

Centralised Reservations System:
Strong channel connectivity, real-time web-based reservation system & multi-property functionality.

Channel Management:
Manages multiple OTAs and derives rate plans.

Website Booking Engine:
Conversion-focused design, merchandising and packaging features. Control over the booking engine branding.

Meta Search Distribution:
Price advertising on rate comparison websites (Trip Advisor, Google Hotel Finder, Expedia, Agoda, Make my Trip, Yatra).

Global Distribution system:
Connected to GDS and numerous travel agents.

Rate Shopping Tool:
Competitive price benchmarking. Scheduled reports and on-demand shopping.

Online Reputation Management:
Monitoring guests, Manager response interface, Analysing competitors’ performance. Social media control panel. Control over the booking engine branding.

E-Commerce/Digital Marketing:
A strong presence on the internet via

Our Model

At Pandora Hospitality, we aim to meet the highest standards of quality in the hospitality industry. We have diversified our approach, and now offer partnerships with types of contracts that have varied benefits.

Management Contract

In our Management contracts, we take up management of properties for owners who would like to run hotels but do not have the expertise to do so. We provide them with our operations, management, marketing, design and revenue management platforms in exchange for a nominal fee, for owners who need maximization of returns.


We offer a Franchise contract where the hotel can ride on our reputed brand names, and get the benefit of our sales and marketing and other platforms and run independently, for owners who have a track record of good operations and local reputation.

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